Master’s Poem

November 16, 2011

Never wishing to be controlled completely
Gives way to carnal desires
As a beautifully dark romance begins
And a new reality’s song captures me

The loving devotion he shows
In a world he never knew before
Sends shivers up my spine
While longing to continue the exploration

He whispers in my ear while his hands tangle in my hair
My vigilante control loses its power
And I become more vulnerable
Slowly and surely submitting to him

The weight of the collar he chose
Originally felt as cumbersome and rough
Is silk as it slides sensuously against my skin
While he adorns me and claims me as his own

He tugs at my hair firmly but gently
Giving him a better view of his possession
And a smile forms upon his lips
As he gazes into my eyes with hunger

I have fallen into the spell that is my Master
Freely and willingly I seek to please him
For I know that what I give he will return in kind
As I am now his beloved and cherished pet…always.