This Journey

January 23, 2012

I look at you now

You’ve traveled so far

No hiding in fear

Come closer to me

Take my hand firmly

And gaze in my eyes

To see my bare soul

No fighting the truth

I come to you now

Follow this dream-scape

Forever to find

I am here for you

I’d give you my heart

I’d give you my soul

You are here for me

You give me your heart

You give me your soul

With you I find peace

Lovingly embraced

No longer fighting

The flow of what is

Finally letting go

Able to accept

All that we do have

And all that we want

Say you hear me

Say what you’ve hidden

In deep far too long

Take the next leap and

We’ll take this journey

And never hold back

The tidal waves of

Love, true and profound

I’m here for you now

I give you my heart

I give you my soul

I love you my dear.

©Ami May 2012

Follow Me

January 16, 2012

The hunger rises to the surface
Though I dare not feast
For the price is too steep
As I might devour the soul.

Locking on to your gaze
My body falls into rage
Where all I want is in a cage
And I become trapped forever more.

Follow the sounds I make
Into the depths I move,
Settling in to a deep groove
Of what’s worth risking.

You’ve never been here with me before.
Push your boundaries and test your limits
To find where your mind and soul orbits;
What you find may surprise you.

Uncharted roads are ahead
Are you willing to take the chance?
Tell me now your stance;
Unwavering or up for debate.

I seem to leave you feeling enslaved,
You cannot take me for who I am,
Or accept that I am not a sham.
You hide yourself well…just like me.

We are alike in so many ways,
Our hungers insatiable and deep.
To keep moving forward one must take a leap
Just how much do you want an adventure?

©Ami May 2012