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January 16, 2012

The hunger rises to the surface
Though I dare not feast
For the price is too steep
As I might devour the soul.

Locking on to your gaze
My body falls into rage
Where all I want is in a cage
And I become trapped forever more.

Follow the sounds I make
Into the depths I move,
Settling in to a deep groove
Of what’s worth risking.

You’ve never been here with me before.
Push your boundaries and test your limits
To find where your mind and soul orbits;
What you find may surprise you.

Uncharted roads are ahead
Are you willing to take the chance?
Tell me now your stance;
Unwavering or up for debate.

I seem to leave you feeling enslaved,
You cannot take me for who I am,
Or accept that I am not a sham.
You hide yourself well…just like me.

We are alike in so many ways,
Our hungers insatiable and deep.
To keep moving forward one must take a leap
Just how much do you want an adventure?

©Ami May 2012