Cat and Mouse – Introduction

The gentle conversation had gone on between the two of them for what seemed like an eternity. The longer the banter back and forth, ever light and common in nature, the more the subtle seduction that played out between them became apparent. The small things that were done from the start became more aggressive with each moment that passed.

She changed into something more comfortable, which for her was not much more than an oversized shirt. He sat on the bed across from her in a relaxed position paying attention to every word she said. She moved on the bed in a fashion that was sure to draw his attention to the ultimate prize of the hunt each time she changed her sitting position or got up to move around the room. His eyes followed her and then he laid down in a position that was begging for her to sit down next to him.

His deepest thoughts being kept to himself, and her fantasy kept close to her heart, the sweet game of cat and mouse had been going on for far too long, yet neither one seemed to want to actually make the final pounce and claim the other as their own. Both worried that the other would not reciprocate the passion that they each felt.

As their limited time together was winding down, the tension mounted between them until it was unbearable for them both. He had gotten up to leave, and she decided to throw caution to the wind and make a move that would forever change both of their lives.

She bared her breasts to him, making a no-nonsense comment about them and he took the bait like a good mouse would. He reached out and felt one of her breasts and she wondered if he could feel her heart racing at the same time. The feel of his hand on her breast made her loose her focus for a moment, as she had dreamed about what his touch would do to her for a long time. He seemed like such a powerful man that she was pleasantly surprised when his hands were silk against her nipples, which made her begin to want him even more. She became the mouse for a moment, relishing the feelings that were making her clit begin to throb and making her body begin to feel warm and wet. She was anticipating the cat to make his move to finish the hunt, but the game was still being played, though she did not realize it until a moment later.

She, ever the cat that she wanted to be in this game, pounced on the opportunity to make the final bold move. She told him that to tease was not polite. He needed to make a choice about whether or not to release the passion that was between them, or leave and play the game a while longer.

She watched as he bent down and began to suck on her nipples that were becoming more engorged and hard with each breath she took. His hot and moist mouth found each breast. While his tongue and mouth were so deliberate in their movements, it was the most tender feeling she had felt. She finally closed her eyes and her head began to fall backwards, arching her back so he could take as much of each of her tits into the dark and warm caverns of his mouth.

He stopped after a moment and he moved to kiss her lips. It was a passionate and hard kiss that both knew was more telling than words could ever say. It was a kiss full of animal lust that was shared between them. She stood to embrace him while she devoured his mouth, making sure that she felt every small detail with her tongue. She had longed to feel his full lips on hers and wanted to feel their tongues dance in a way that their bodies could never do.

It only took a small moment before they broke the embrace, though the kiss never really ended, and they were undressing themselves and each other. It was not a slow, romantic encounter that most women dream of, but a lustful and frenzied removal that could have easily ended with one or more pieces of clothing ripped and torn to pieces.

She grabbed his large cock as his hands moved all over her. She pulled and tugged until he couldn’t resist any longer. He laid her down on the bed and in a swift move, plunged his cock into her dripping pussy. She closed her eyes and took a sharp breath in from the initial feel of her snatch being full with his dick. Her pussy muscles began to contract and release as she milked the entire length of his cock at each of his thrusts. She wanted this feeling to last for as long as it possibly could, though they both knew that it could not last as long as either one had wanted.

She began to arch her back while he slid his dick in and out of her wet snatch the way she always does when she is in a passionate session of sex and she’s on the bottom. Within a few minutes of the feverish pounding beginning, he began to feel the signs of orgasm and pulled out just in time to send his sweet jism all over her stomach. She relished the feel of the warm juices on her for a moment and he began to move away. She watched as he moved, still naked, to the bathroom. She followed him and stood in the doorway to admire every inch of the naked body in front of her, knowing that this moment must be seared into her memory forever. It did not matter that the release of sexual needs took only minutes, the only thing that mattered was that the game had finally ended and they both were able to express the desires they had for each other.

As he left her that night, they shared one last passionate kiss and a promise that they would meet again. The game would continue, and build the tension again until the next meeting. They both swore that the next time would be more passionate and the cat and mouse game would not have to be played at their next reunion.

©Ami May 2012

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