Chapter 3

Amaryllis placed her hands in Brian’s, letting her fingers intertwine with his, and he helped her to stand from her seated position on the couch.  When she was completely standing in front of him, Amaryllis raised herself on to her toes in an effort to kiss him one last time before they began the journey from the living room into the more comfortable surroundings of her bedroom.  Brian noticed the movement and leaned his head down to meet her lips and a slow and sensuous kiss began while their tongues found each other again.  Brian let go of one of her hands and brought his hand to her face, cupping it while his thumb grazed her cheek while she moved her free hand to rest upon the small of his back.

Brian lightly sighed as they broke their embrace and Amaryllis turned away from him.  She began to walk forward and lead him by the hand in the direction of her bedroom.  She glanced over her shoulder and noticed that he was watching her bare backside with each step she took.  She smiled to herself, comfortable with the notion that he liked to look at her in such an appreciative way.

She entered the darkened room and led him to the edge of the bed, telling him to sit down on the bed so he did not hurt himself trying to navigate a room that he did not know.  She moved around the room she knew like the back of her hand to find the small lamp she used as soft illumination.  Two steps to the left of where Brian sat and two steps forward brought her to her destination and she clicked the lamp sitting on the nightstand into life.

Even with the small wattage bulb she had in the lamp, it seemed to give off a radiant glow that was almost too much for the encounter that was about to happen, but as Amaryllis looked over at Brian, she decided that she did not care about the romantic notion of lighting in the room.  All she cared about at that moment was how much she wanted to bring Brian to the edge of all sanity and control with the passion building inside her.

Amaryllis moved back towards Brian and as she faced him, she moved her legs and straddled his, one of her thighs resting on the outside of each of his.  She leaned down and their lips met, though she did not offer her mouth in an open fashion and relegated herself to let Brian tease her mouth with his tongue.  His tongue darted out of his lips and pressed against hers.  When she did not open her mouth any further, he let out a soft sigh and his shoulders dropped slightly in disappointment as he moved his tongue back into his mouth.  Amaryllis slightly chuckled and opened her mouth, sucking in his bottom lip to her warm mouth and lightly nipped at it.

Brian was caught off guard, but moaned by the pressure on his lip from her teeth.  He placed his hands on her hips and tried to pull her closer to him.  She resisted and moved her mouth from his, kissing and licking his skin until he could feel her breath on his ear.  The next words she whispered into his ear left small bumps raised on his body and the hairs on his body standing straight up.

“Do you trust me enough to let me do to you exactly what I want?  Do you trust me to bring you pleasures that you have never known before from me?”

Brian felt a lump in his throat and he could hear the blood rushing through his body like a freight train in his ears.  He quickly ran through every scenario that his mind could think of in those few precious seconds, and even though he was not sure exactly what she meant by those words, he knew he could trust her completely.

He took a moment to swallow, allowing him to regain some composure and he turned his head towards her as he replied, “I trust you and I want to let you do whatever it is that you desire with me.  To be able to see you fulfilling your passionate desires, my dear Amaryllis, is what would bring me the greatest pleasure.”

“Then why don’t you just lay back and enjoy what I have in store for you,” Amaryllis sweetly breathed into his ear before she took his earlobe between her lips and flicked her tongue over the soft skin her moist mouth.

She leaned into him to help guide him back until his back was resting completely on the plush bed.  She nibbled on his earlobe and ran her hands along the back of his neck, her fingers nimbly caressing his body with just enough force that it was encouraging him to relax and give himself completely to her control.  As he slowly sank into the soft embrace of the bed coverings, his erection began to grow even as his breathing was becoming deep and slow while he began to relax from the initial shock of her question to him.

His heart was still racing in his chest though he felt relaxed under the touch of her fingers and body, which surprised him to some degree.  How could she touch him and elicit such conflicting emotions and responses from his body?  He was not sure, but he decided to give himself to every one of her desires until she asked for him to do otherwise.  He was not sure how long that would take, nor exactly what she would do to him, but the thoughts of her pleasuring him as she wished stirred his desire for her even further.

As Brian’s body sank backwards into the bed, his hands only lightly touching her on her back and hips, Amaryllis took the opportunity to notice every slight imperfection of his skin as she kissed, lapped and nipped down his body slowly from his earlobe.  As her mouth and tongue moved from his ear down the side of his neck, she took a small moment to nuzzle the curve of his body where his neck met his wide shoulders.  She was amazed that the taste and smell of his body made her body feel so aroused and on fire when he was not even touching her the same way she was touching him.  She moved one of her hands to caress the areas of his body where her mouth left trails of moisture on his skin while the other hand moved down his chest and torso until it rested on his hips over the pants he was still wearing.

Her tongue felt a slight change in the texture of his skin as she moved from the crook of his neck to the outside of his shoulder and as she remembered him telling her about a surgery in his younger days, she could tell that what her mouth found was the remnants of a large scar on his shoulder.  She moved her mouth over the area feeling the different sensation of the long ago scar on her tongue.  She kissed and felt the scar tissue with her tongue from the front of his shoulder, down along the side of his shoulder and then to the sensitive areas of his armpit, his hair slightly tickling her nose as she moved her head.

Amaryllis moved across his body from his arm, stopping at one of his nipples and letting her tongue lazily circle the flesh, flicking her tongue in short bursts over the hardened nub.  She could see his chest rise and fall with his breathing that was now coming in shorter bursts than earlier and she could feel his cock pressing hard into the heel of her hand.  She opened her mouth and drew his nipple into her mouth, suckling it and letting her tongue glide over the erect piece of flesh while she moved her hand and began to massage the length of his prick through his pants.

Brian began to moan softly when he felt her hand move over the length of his hardness while her mouth began to dance from one nipple to the other.  He was relishing the feel of her mouth and hands moving in such a deliberate and affectionate way over every inch of him.  He began having feelings of pleasure and yet he was yearning to feel himself inside her, to feel her pussy tighten and release against him.  He pushed the thoughts aside, instead focusing on the sensations of the combinations of her affectionate touch.

He lifted his head to try to look down at her, to enjoy the sight of her paying so much attention to him.  He noticed her long hair cascading over his body and he moved his hands to brush the hair away from her face so he could enjoy the sight of her face as she moved her mouth from his chest and began to move further down his body.

Amaryllis could hear him sigh as her mouth traveled from his chest to his stomach, and felt his body tense as her tongue found the area around his navel.  She looked up at him, letting a smile begin to play on her lips as she moved her body from on top of him until she slid down and rested her knees on the floor in front of the bed.  As she kissed further down his body and began to slowly remove his pants, she knew that he wanted to watch her, but she decided that she wanted him to do nothing but feel what was about to happen.

When his clothes were removed completely, she took his cock in one hand and placed the other on his thigh while she softly bent her head and licked the entire underside of his shaft with the fullest part of her tongue from his scrotum to the small V formation of skin near the bulbous head of his dick.  She looked into his eyes and swallowed one last time before she spoke to him, trying to gain the last ounce of confidence that she would need for this one request of hers.

“I know that you like to watch what is happening to you, but this time, I want you to do nothing but feel the sensations of what I am doing to you.  I do not want you to know exactly what moves I am making or to be able to anticipate them.”

Brian’s heart began to race at what she was suggesting, though with her sensuously husky voice he felt safe and ready to let her brazenly sexual nature take complete control of her.  His body tensed and his dick slightly twitched in her hand at the excitement of not knowing exactly what she wanted to do to him, but knowing that whatever it was, he would not be disappointed.

“I want you to fall into a safe world of darkness and enjoy the heightened perception and sensations of what I do to you.  I promise that I will not do anything you do not want, for I do not want you feeling uneasy or frightened.  All you need to do is say ‘no more’ and I will stop what I am doing.  Will you trust me enough to give up your control to me?”

Amaryllis noticed his body tense and felt the almost unnoticeable movement of his hardness that she softly gripped in her hand.  She was nervously waiting for his response, her body tensing mildly, fearful that her bold request was just too harsh and that Brian could not agree to it.  After what seemed like an eternity, Brian finally responded to Amaryllis, which helped to relax her body from the anxiety driven stiffness of the moment.

“I want to be able to see your face as I kiss you one last time before I give up my control to you so I can try to search your face out in the darkness that will envelop me.”

Amaryllis smiled and stood up to move away from between his legs and on to another area within the vicinity of the bed.  Brian moved his head, not sure exactly what she wanted him to do, to watch her movements one last time and to see where she kept her trinkets hidden for the next time he made it into town to see her.  She moved gracefully to the end of the bed and reached under the frame, pulling out a clear plastic container that contained a large assortment of colored novelty items.  He could not see exactly how large the container was, but his heart raced and his breathing became more labored as he thought about the possibilities of what that container contained and how much fun it would be to explore those possibilities with her.

Amaryllis reached into the box, pulled the one item that she knew she would need at this moment and she placed her hand on the lid to commence putting the container back in its place, though she decided at the last moment that she would not put the items back under the bed.  She wanted to keep things within easy reach just in case he was comfortable enough to allow her to use some other items in the container that she had not been afforded the luxury to try yet.  Out of the corner of her vision, she noticed Brian’s chest rising and falling in a different tempo than before and the expression on his face that was one of excitement and yet there was a small sign of apprehension, though she knew that the apprehension was only a slight thought in the back of his mind.

She smiled to herself as she moved back up to the bed next to him.  She held the satin blindfold that she collected from the container in both her hands.  She stretched the elastic band that would hold the item in place and she placed her hands behind his head, resting her arms on either side of his neck on his shoulders and pulled his face to meet hers.  Their lips touched with an unyielding force and their eyes were locked on each other as her tongue found his and after he accepted the invasion, their tongues danced together in a sensuous and deep kiss.  The passionate kiss lasted only for a moment, and as they broke the embrace, Amaryllis gazed into his eyes as she gave him one last small soft press of her lips against his before she slid the blindfold into place.

Amaryllis softly whispered into his ear, “It takes a strong man to give up control.  You will not regret that you are giving in to me.”

She departed from him and let her fingers slide along his body gently as she slid down until she was standing to the side of him at the edge of the bed, leaving his body to react naturally at the feel of her nails and soft fingertips along his skin though he could not visually see her.  She saw him move his head slightly trying to track her movements by the soft sound of her footsteps on the carpeted flooring as she moved around the room trying to throw off his senses and leave him guessing as to what she had in store for him next.

Brian could tell that since the blindfold was placed over his eyes the nerve endings on his body became acutely aware of every slight change in texture and temperature.  He was trying to use his heightened sense of hearing to seek where at in the room she was at, though he could no exactly place her in the unfamiliar room.  He laid on the bed not knowing what would be happening, let alone when, and he had never felt as if he was ever as aroused as he was at that moment waiting for her to make the next move as the cat in their never-ending game.

He heard a rustle in front of him, though he was not sure exactly what the noise was, and as he was focusing his attention on placing the almost inaudible sound, a sensation on his body distracted his thoughts.  He felt something soft on his right foot.  It took him only a split second to realize that it was Amaryllis’ hands that began to gently knead at the ball of his foot.  Her fingers slid smoothly along his foot and as he inhaled he noticed a trace of a sweet smell that reminded him of early summer days.  He remembered that she had told him at one point that her favorite lotion had the smell of sun ripened raspberries and he realized now that she was using her most prized lotion to be applied to his body, he would never forget the sweetly carnal smell that now filled his nostrils and made his body squirm with arousal and pure lust as he wished that he could taste the lotion on her body.

Brian could feel her fingers glide between his toes, over the top of his foot and then to his ankle.  Her hands moved up to his calf where she deftly massaged the deep tissues for a moment and as he was taking in the feel of her strong ministrations, he felt a new sensation that made his body feel as if it was on fire.

Amaryllis had noticed that he was becoming very relaxed and she smiled as she let her tongue dart out of her mouth and trace the bottom of his foot from his heel to the tip of his toes.  She felt his body jerk in response to the initial shock, and then she heard a deep guttural moan when she took one of his toes into her mouth.  She pressed her tongue into the fullest part of his toe as she began to draw it into and out of her mouth.  She heard him mumble words, though she could not make out what he was saying, so she moved her mouth and hands further up his leg.

“Oh, my God,” was all Brian could mutter as he felt feelings of pleasure that bordered on a feeling of being tickled by her mouth.

The shock waves of heat and tingling traveled up his spine as he decided that this encounter was more erotic and sensual than he could have imagined in his mind.  He felt her hands and mouth move up his leg and his body involuntarily jerked when the tip of her tongue found the soft crevice behind his knee.  His breathing became more labored with every moment that passed which was leaving him in a state of absolute pleasure and suffering because he was not able to see what she was doing, nor could he make her stop and relieve the orgasm building within him.

Brian felt her hands reach his upper thigh and he raised his hips slightly to encourage her to take his aching prick into her mouth and hands.  He wanted her to relieve him of the sweet suffering coursing through his body and mind.

“Brian, you need to be patient with me.  You have so many more areas of your body I have yet to explore.  I told you that you will not be disappointed, and that was a promise.  When I feel that you are really ready for me to suck on that gorgeously hard cock, I will.  Until then, be a dear and let me give you the attention you truly deserve.”

“You are driving me to the point of insanity, honey.  I promised to give up my control, but I do not know just how much more I can take before I rip this blindfold off, grab you, throw you down on the bed and fuck you until I…”

He stopped mid-sentence as her hands moved over his hips until they reached the top of his other thigh, her hair tickling his dick and balls, her arm grazing the head of erection.  “Why did she want to torture me in this way,” he thought to himself.

Amaryllis made the same movements with her hands and mouth with his other leg and foot that she had previously.  She started with his foot and slowly she made her way towards his hips again.  As she neared his thigh, his breathing became more labored and loud.  She could hear deep moans escaping his chest and she decided that she had teased him long enough.

When her fingers touched the skin at the top of his thighs, she let her nails rake softly against his ball sac and he let out a pleading groan for her to end the erotic torture.  She moved one of her hands, cupped his heavy balls and began to lightly squeeze them in the palm of her hand.  Brian let out a deeply carnal sound of appreciation and Amaryllis smiled as he moved his hips in small bursts as she massaged him.

She moved forward and opened her mouth, letting her tongue escape from her lips, and lapped at the bulbous head of his cock.  Brian took a sharp breath inwards and raised his hips in response.  Amaryllis moved her free hand to grasp his thick shaft and she pushed downwards until his skin was stretched taut, her pinkie finger resting on the top of her other hand.

Amaryllis began to stroke his shaft with her hand and she watched his reactions as well as the look of her hand sliding up and down his hard prick.  She watched and felt the veins pulse under the pressure of her strokes, amazed that she could notice the slight color variations of the shaft and head of his dick.  She moved her hands up and down his shaft and would mover her hand in a twisting motion, reveling in the fact that with each move of her hand, he began to groan louder and move his hips faster.

She noticed the drops of pre-cum form on the tip of his cock, fueling her deep carnal hunger for him.  Her tongue darted out of her mouth and she ran the tip along his slit, lapping the liquid from him.  She groaned as she tasted the essence of him and she knew that she needed to fulfill her yearning for him.

Amaryllis slid her mouth down over the head of his prick until it reached the back of her mouth.  They both moaned in pleasure and as she pulled her head backwards, she applied suction to his shaft and moved her hand to replace where her mouth had been.  She began a steady rhythm with her hand and mouth while she continued to massage his ball sac with her other hand.

Brian felt as if he was going to explode into millions of pieces as he began to buck his hips in anticipation of her moving down to take him completely into her mouth.  As Amaryllis voraciously attacked his stiff cock, his body was beginning to sweat as he tried to maintain control over his actions and the vision of what she probably looked like while sucking the length of his shaft and playing with his balls was vivid in the darkness.  The combination was causing him to groan and mutter phrases of appreciation and pleading.

Amaryllis was beginning to lose herself in the sensation of hearing his groans, compliments regarding her ministrations, the musky smell of his body and the taste of the liquid oozing from his cock.  She became an animal of passion and she let her instincts take control of her movements.

Her mouth and hand moved in a furious pace over the length of him and she moaned in pleasure every time his dick hit the back of her throat.  As she moved up and down on his shaft, her hand moved from cupping his balls until her fingers were playing with the sensitive skin between his scrotum and his anus.  She was not aware that she even moved her hand until she heard Brian take a sharp breath inwards and his body tensed slightly.

He tensed for only a slight moment and when she heard him moan, “Fuck that feels good,” she abandoned what little inhibitions she had left and became a woman of wanton passion.  With her head swimming with the overpowering sounds and complimentary phrases emanating from him, her hands and mouth became their own forces, driven by the carnal instincts to bring her lover to absolute euphoria.

She continued to rub the sensitive skin near his ass while she pressed her hand upwards, massaging his balls against his own body.  Her middle finger slid further towards his ass and she circled the tight skin of his asshole and then back to the safer area of skin closer to his scrotum.

Brian was nervous when he felt her finger at tight muscles of his ass, but his body and mind pushed all outrageous thoughts of the implications out of his mind.  He was fully aware of how the touch of her finger on his asshole causes shock waves course through his body and how he did not want that feeling to go away.  He lifted his hips to encourage her finger to play at the spot it had before.


Amaryllis did not respond with words.  Instead, she continued her onslaught of his cock with her mouth and hands.  Her middle finger found the muscles of his tight hole again and she applied more pressure to the opening.  She deliberately moved her finger in small encouraging movements trying to help him relax enough to allow her access into the depths of him.

Brian began to thrash his head from side to side and moaning almost uncontrollably while she bombarded his body until he felt his muscles relax and he felt her finger enter him.  It was a fantastic feeling that he could not deny.  His body held her finger tight but she was able to move it slowly in and out of his hole while she was sucking his dick.  He knew that this feeling would send him over the edge of sanity and his orgasm would be strong.

Amaryllis felt his muscles gripping her finger and as she slowly and carefully pushed her finger in and out of him, she could feel the pulsing of his cock in her hand.  She pumped furiously with her hand and mouth, knowing that it would not be much longer before she was able to taste all of him.  She wanted to milk every last drop out of his shaft.

She felt his body tense, and then go into spasms as the first drops of cum hit her tongue.  She heard him let out a loud cry of absolute release of pleasure that she had never heard from a man before.  She felt what seemed like wave after wave of cum fall from the tip of his cock into her mouth and she moved her mouth up and down on his shaft until his body collapsed from the energy he had exerted.

As she removed her finger from his hole, she moved her mouth to lap at the last few drops of his salty liquid and then sweetly licked from his balls to the tip again, listening to his breathing finally begin to fall into a slow and steady rhythm again.  She moved on to the bed next to him, leaning down to whisper again into his ear.

“I think you need a little rest for now.”

Brian mustered enough energy only to say, “As you wish, my dear.  If the next thing you have in store is like this last one, I will be under your spell forever.”

©Ami May

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