Chapter 2

As Amaryllis vented her frustrations spoken between bites of food, Brian could not help but think about how lucky he felt to have met such a strong woman.  Brian had learned enough of her life during their many conversations to know that she had been through more in her life up to that point than most people could ever imagine, and yet she still seemed to be able to fight off the inner demons that others would have succumbed to years ago.  She was human enough to be frustrated with some aspects of life, and he knew that with her, most of the time all she needed was the chance to say these thoughts out loud to have them be washed from her mind and soul, freeing the bonds of hurt and suffering that gripped her so easily.

Brian watched the animated movements of her hands and body as she verbalized the manic thought process within her mind.  He did not always understand where her thoughts were going, but he was amused at how passionate she was in everything she seemed to do, including talking.  Amaryllis had stopped talking for a moment, either collecting her thoughts or finally concluding the barrage of frustrated ramblings, and they sat in silence for a moment while Brian tried to assess what words he should say.  Amaryllis became lost in thought as she sat exhausted from the release of her emotions that had seemed to consume her until she noticed Brian looking at her intently.

He could not seem to help staring at her as she started to twirl a small section of her long red hair around her fingers, and he thought that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met in this intimate and relaxed setting.  He did not want to speak at that moment and just enjoy the sight of her sitting on the couch in a relaxed position with one leg bent underneath the other, her chest rising and falling in deep breaths, her face faintly flushed from the emotional discussion.  Her eyes were still showing the signs of the moments during her ranting that she allowed her tears to fall and yet, she seemed so refreshed and Brian realized that he was becoming aroused looking at her in such a state of vulnerability and innocence as she played with some of her hair that was resting on her large breasts.

“What?  Why are you looking at me in that way,” Amaryllis asked.

“Did you realize that you were playing with your hair?”

Amaryllis blushed, as she replied, “No, I had not realized I was doing that.  It seems to be something I do sometimes.  I’m sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you.”

A small smile began to form on Brian’s face and he chuckled as he responded to her, “Do not worry; I did not feel that you were ignoring me.  I was just watching you as you played with your hair and I came to the realization that… I don’t know how to explain it.  Amaryllis, you are such a determined and strong woman, but for this small amount of time, you showed a side of yourself that I have never seen before.  You seemed so vulnerable… so sweet… and so beautiful.”

Amaryllis could not help but blush as he complimented her and she realized that it was moments like these that showed others the true man he was.  The words he spoke proved that the small nuances of his personality allowed him to be adored by almost every woman who was afforded the luxury of his company.  She knew that the list of women was long and he was not one that wanted to completely settle down at this point in his life, if ever.  He enjoyed the company of women to fulfill a variety of his needs, both physical and emotional.

Amaryllis was fully aware of his position about women and she was accepting of it, for she agreed with him on every point he had made during conversations regarding what they both had hoped would happen between them.  They had become friends as well as lovers, which is the only thing that she had ever envisioned from him.  He had proven to her that she seemed to fulfill most of his needs, and he satisfied her needs in the same fashion, creating a connection between them both that would not be forgotten or broken in any near future.

She smiled as she thought of the endearing notion he made once that they were “kindred spirits” and slightly cocked her head to one side while she looked at him and responded, “Thank you Brian.  You flatter me all too much, though I honestly appreciate it.  It is no wonder that you are so popular with the women, especially when you are so good at flattery.”

Brian leaned closer to Amaryllis and whispered in her ear, “I only flatter those that deserve it, my dear.  Besides, you deserve much more than just simple kind words from me.”

Brian’s tongue quickly darted out of his mouth and grazed her earlobe at the end of his last sentence which, coupled with his sensuous voice, made little bumps begin to form on Amaryllis’ body.  She felt the first signs of arousal within her and her body instinctually relaxed slightly and she felt blood rushing to her crotch.  He always had a way of bringing her to a state of such arousal without even touching her, and she silently cursed to herself for allowing him to bring her to a point of wanting to beg for his affection.

Brian noticed the bumps begin to rise on her body and he noticed that her shoulders dropped in a relaxed way as her nipples became noticeable under the fabric of her shirt.  He moved his mouth from her ear down to her neck.  He kissed the sensitive skin of her neck and the smell of a trace of perfume mixed with the soap that she used daily and her own dried sweat from their earlier sexual release filled his nose.  His cock began to slightly twitch as he became aroused by the smell filling his nose and he noticed how his senses were becoming more heightened with each beat of his heart.

He opened his lips and licked her soft skin, wanting to find out what the mixture of smells would taste like.  She let out a small sigh when the tip of his tongue ran across the small section of her neck just below her hairline and she figured out that spot was one of her most sensitive areas not associated with the most obvious sections of her body.  Small bumps began to form again on her, which he noticed as he ran one hand from her wrist to her shoulder, and she felt a tingling that ran up her entire spine as well as through her womb that warmed her entire body and soul.

He cupped her face in one hand and moved his mouth on to hers.  He pressed his lips on to her soft mouth in a tender kiss to show his genuine regard for her.  She leaned towards him in response and she opened her eyes to look at him to try and have this one moment of sincerity seared into her memory forever.  They both looked at each other for a fraction of a moment as their lips opened and their tongues darted from each of their own mouths into the other, searching for the passion they both shared for each other.

They leaned into each other and Brian let out a small sigh when Amaryllis moved one of her hands to the back of his neck to pull him into her even further.  He responded to the growing desire within him by moving his free hand to her lower hip and he pulled her towards his own hips and growing erection.  She was within inches of his legs and he could feel the heat pouring from her body, which started to send his mind and hunger for her sweet juices over the boundaries of his normal controlled nature.

He quickly removed his hand that was caressing her face and placed it on the top hem of the cotton shorts she had donned after they had pried their bodies apart.  He let his fingers slide past the elastic waistband as he moved to grasp the soft flesh of her ass.  She lightly nipped at his lips when he grabbed the flesh and dug his nails more deeply than he intended, though the way she arched her back and rotated her hips into his hand, he knew that all was forgiven.  He began to knead the flesh between his fingers in a fashion that could only be described, as a frenzied attempt at trying to claim something that he was not sure was actually his to claim.

As she moved to show the pleasure she was feeling by his hands upon the roundness of her backside, she moved her hand to touch his that was still upon her face.  She slid her fingers up until they intertwined with his, and she forcefully pushed it downward until it was resting at the waistband of her shorts, just inches above the wetness of her dripping pussy.  He paused for only a moment before determining that he would not let her be the one deciding the schedule of events that would unfold.

He pushed his hand down the front of her shorts and touched the soft short hair that covered the folds surrounding the most sensual and erotic parts of her body.  He could feel the heat and wetness that had escaped the full lips covering the soft inner folds as the proof of her desire for him.

Brian moved his fingers over the outer edge of her lips and she slightly raised her hips to meet his gentle probing, encouraging him to move further into her.  He applied more pressure and his fingers slid past the outer edges and he immediately felt just how moist she was as his finger grazed her engorged clit.  Amaryllis gasped as he touched the sensitive nub and she moved her body again, which caused Brian’s fingers to slide further down and actually enter the depths of her.  Brian moaned as he felt how hot she felt grasping on to his fingers, her juices dripping down his fingers and almost pooling into the palm of his hand.  He moved his fingers around inside her and she gyrated her hips and moaning in response to the feelings of pleasure coursing through her body.

He pulled his hand from the warm comforts of her and brought his fingers to his mouth that was only inches away from hers.  He looked directly into her eyes and slowly placed a finger into his mouth, sucking and licking the musky sweetness that was the true essence of her from his skin.  Brian let out a small moan and mentioned that her wetness tasted so good while he moved his hand closer to her lips and traced a finger along the edge of her lips.  Amaryllis slightly opened her lips to his sensual teasing and she could smell the lingering secretions on his fingers.  She slowly moved her tongue until the tip was at the edge of her lips in a move that was a willingness to accept the taste into her mouth and enjoy it as much as he had done.

Brian watched as she tentatively licked one of his fingers trying to become accustomed to the taste of her.  In an instant, her eyes became full of lust and desire as she hungrily took his entire finger into her mouth and sucked on it hard as he felt her tongue assault every inch that was inside.  Amaryllis sucked on his finger and moved her hips in small bucking motions as her arousal grew even more when he placed his mouth on her nipple and began to attack the hardened flesh with the same tenacity as she tried to taste the last bit of her juices on his fingers.

Amaryllis began to whimper slightly as he removed his fingers from her mouth and reached down to cup her round ass.  He moved to kneel down on the floor in front of her and he lifted her hips from the couch to reposition her so her legs were on either side of his shoulders.  His hands quickly removed her shorts and panties, tossing them just to the right of him, and lifted her legs until the rested on his shoulders pulling her closer to the edge of the couch.

He looked at her face on last time before focusing his gaze at the neatly trimmed mound only inches away from his face.  He could see the moisture that was flowing freely from her.  He could smell the indescribably scent that was her own, and he could feel the heat from her.  He wanted to tease her and bring her to the brink of ecstasy, but he wanted to taste her badly enough that he was not sure if he could completely control himself.  She moaned as she felt his breath on her pussy lips and she rotated her hips upwards slightly, which made Brian decide that they would have many more opportunities for teasing and he would forgo his initial thoughts and devour her until she rode a tidal wave of pleasure from his mouth and fingers.

He pressed his entire tongue against her pussy lips and let the tip curl until it pierced he could feel the smooth inner side of the lips.  He pushed his head between her thighs and then moved his head upwards in one long smooth motion, letting the tip of his tongue run along the inside of her, and the flat of his tongue run the entire length of the outside of her.

Amaryllis squirmed under the pressure of his tongue and arched her back as he licked the entire length of her slit.  He lowered his head and licked back downwards in the same long movement as before and she let out a low moan from the feel.  He licked upwards again.  Then he licked down the length of her again.  He began to move his tongue in a quicker fashion as she arched her back and her breathing became more labored with each small flick of the tip of his tongue on her clit.

She began to moan almost in a constant fashion, and he moved his fingers to spread her outer lips, which would allow her inner folds to be exposed so he could pay more attention to her sensitive clit and the inner depths of her snatch.  He exposed the inner folds with his left hand and began to lap at her entire length again, though this time, he let the tip of his tongue enter her wet and warm depths.  He felt her muscles contract as his tongue invaded her body and he thrust as much of his tongue into her as possible.  He thrust in and out a few times and then decided that her clit needed the most attention from him, as he had learned this was the one area of her body that was sure to send her into the most intense orgasms.

He moved his mouth upwards and pulled back on the protective skin surrounding her clit to expose the engorged button.  Brian moved the tip of his tongue in quick bursts over and around her clit, which sent small spasms through her muscles in reaction to the pleasure.  He applied more pressure with his tongue and moved it around her clit in a feverish fashion.

Amaryllis began to moan loudly and she began to thrust her hips into his mouth.  He drew her clit into his mouth and began gently sucking on it in addition to applying pressure from his tongue.  Amaryllis gasped and thrashed her head backwards as shock waves went through her body at the feel of his mouth devouring her in such a way.

Brian moved his right hand and smoothly ran his fingers down the inner folds of her pussy until he reached the spot that was completely drenched with her flowing juices.  He pushed two fingers into the hot depths and felt her vaginal walls grip him tightly.  He inserted another finger and was pleasantly surprised that she did not wince or protest to his invasion.  He pulled his dripping fingers slowly back towards him and then forcefully impaled her again.

His fingers were buried as far as they would go and he began to move them inside her.  He moved his fingers in a rotating fashion to find the innermost pleasure spot and she began to buck her hips into him.  He moaned at the feel and taste of her and she let out a small yelp as she felt the vibrations of his mouth on her clit when he made that deep sound.

She became a woman of wild abandon as she began to moan loudly and buck her hips into his face.  Amaryllis grabbed the back of his head and pushed him further into her while she snarled at him, “Oh fuck.  That feels so good.  Finger fuck me hard while you suck on my clit.  I want to come all over your face.”

Brian spoke no words in response, but he began to pound her pussy with his fingers in rapid movements and assaulted her clit with his mouth.  She thrashed her body into his face and small screams of pleasure escaped her lips, which made Brian move in more frenzied but deliberate movements.  Brian opened his eyes to look at her and was in awe at the spectacle that he saw before him.

Amaryllis had her eyes slightly closed and her breasts were heaving with each labored breath that she took.  Her entire body had become flush as the blood rushed through her body and sweat had begun to form on her face and chest.  She moved her head from side to side as she held on to the back of his head with one hand and had the other hand gripping the couch cushion beside her.  When she realized he was gazing at her, she locked her gaze on to his eyes and she watched as he purposely began to play with her clit and fuck her pussy with his fingers while she watched him.

She felt that it was one of the most erotic things she had ever witnessed and as she began to feel the start of her orgasm building, she wanted nothing more than to see his reaction when he tasted the waves of her orgasm as they washed over her body and gushed from her womb.  As her body began to tense from the onslaught of her orgasm, she broke down and closed her eyes, cursing silently to herself that she would not be able to view his expressions as he lapped up her overflowing juices.

He moved his fingers in and out of her with a small rotation of his hand at each complete entrance into her.  He sucked on her clit and pressed his tongue on as much of it as he could, hoping that the ministrations of his mouth and hands would bring her to a hard orgasm.  He could tell she was so close to that point and he pushed further not letting his gaze drop from her face.

Brian watched her movements and felt her body begin to tense, realizing that she was close to an orgasm.  Her pussy walls contracted and gripped him with such a force he felt that he might not be able to move his fingers out of her.  He had become so aroused from watching her and tasting her that he was afraid that he would lose all control and have an orgasm of his own just by this encounter which did not even come close to allowing her muscles to be milking his shaft to bring him to this point.

Amaryllis let out a load moan that was almost a scream and her hips bucked violently against his face as her body found the place of ultimate euphoria.  Her pussy clenched and released from Brian’s fingers and he felt a gush of liquid flow past his fingers and drip down his hand and arm.  He moaned from the feel of her orgasm on his fingers while she gripped his head with her thighs.  He wanted to lap up every last bit of her liquid orgasm and moved his mouth from her clit, replacing his tongue with his thumb and forefinger of his free hand.

Brian moved his tongue down to the opening of her and moved his fingers out of the way to allow his tongue to search out all the liquid dripping from her.  He lapped at her in long and slurping motions, occasionally pushing as much of his tongue into her as possible.  He was enjoying the taste of her while her orgasm began to subside.

Her legs released their grip from his head and they fell to the side of him.  He touched her thighs and noticed how they were trembling from the force of her intense orgasm, which made him smile to himself.  When she began to calm her breathing again, he began to lick the entire length of her pussy again as he did at the start.  Her body would twitch each time his tongue lightly grazed her clit and after a few moments, she placed a hand on his head and softly told him that her delicate clit needed a small break from the shock waves of pleasure that were beginning to take on a feeling of almost pain.

He moved from between her thighs and he moved up towards her face.  She cupped his face and drew him closer to her and she kissed him passionately.  Their tongues danced together and she could taste her juices on his lips and tongue, creating a new sensation of arousal.  She moved one of her hands to his very noticeable erection and began to massage his cock through his pants.

“I think maybe we should continue this in the more comfortable setting of the bedroom, don’t you?”

Brian smiled at her and stood upright in front of her.  He stretched out his hands in an attempt to help her move from the couch since he knew her legs would not fully support her attempt to make this move on her own.

“You lead the way, and I will follow, my dear.”

©Ami May

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