Chapter 1

Amaryllis walked through her apartment door and placed her purse, keys and jacket in the customary locations that had been allocated for her most precious everyday items, while she rehashed the tough day she had been through at work in her mind.  She hated the fact that she let things bother her so much regarding the petty and childish antics of others within her career, but she knew deep down that it was because she actually gave a shit when others did not.  She had to remind herself, almost daily it seemed, that the people who were being infantile would at some point, have to prove themselves to others and she would lavish fact that they would not be able to tread the deep waters that lay ahead while she had learned enough to justify herself to those in higher positions.

Amaryllis made her way down the hall into her bedroom and changed from her conventional attire to something less restrictive, which always seemed to make her believe that her entire body and mind would be able to breathe and relax with more ease.  After amending her wardrobe to include jeans and a t-shirt, she decided that she needed a strong drink before she made her way to the computer to check her daily messages, so she proceeded to the large kitchen, making sure she stopped at the stereo in the middle of her route to begin her unwinding process.

Amaryllis stood at the sound system for a moment and looked towards her collection of compact disks trying to decide which of the albums seemed to best fit her mood at the moment.  Only one album seemed to stand out, so she removed the disk that was a dark moon-less night on one side and a lustrous mirror on the other.  She placed the CD into the player, turned the audio level to a fairly loud setting since she knew all the neighbors surrounding her would be gone for the weekend, then she pressed the button that allowed the music to flow through the speakers.

The deep and hard pounding of the song made her shoulders begin to relax in an instant and Amaryllis knew that the hard rock choice she made was perfect.  She began to move towards the kitchen again, softly singing along to “Enter Sandman” and moving her body in tandem with the music, letting her head move slightly in a head-banging fashion.  She moved to the cupboard that held the bottles of her favorite liquor and chose one to match the mood of the music, and her soul, then moved to retrieve a glass.  At the last moment, Amaryllis decided that she wanted this drink straight over ice instead of adding it to her normal soft drink choice, so she opened the freezer to collect the frozen cubes and placed them in the glass, which made loud clinking sounds as the ice hit the sides of the glass.

She took her drink to the desk that housed her computer and she started the machine, taking a sip of the cold hard whiskey to pass the time until the commencement of the programs that would allow her to view the messages that had been ignored for the past two days.  Amaryllis took a deeper gulp of the harsh liquid in her glass and began to click through the e-mail posts trying to sort through the large amount sitting unread in her in-box.

“Spam… spam… porn… just how in the hell did I get on to all of these mailings?” Amaryllis solemnly thought to herself.  “It seems as if this junk is never-ending and is not what I need after a terrible day.  I would like to see just one letter from anyone that I know personally to keep my spirits alive.  The music and drink will soothe me slightly, but what I really need now is either a friend or an evening of hard fucking.”

As soon as the thought was finished the name of one message sender made her gasp as her eyes began to fill with small tears.  She quickly opened the message and her heart began to beat faster as the words sunk into her, for this was exactly what she had hoped to see for a while and it was impeccable timing to be receiving it at one of her low moments.  The message was from Brian, whom she knew would make her smile no matter what it was that he sent to her.

Brian and Amaryllis had been sending flirtatious messages back and forth between each other since their last encounter together as well as having other conversations that touched on serious subjects other than a sexual nature.  She had come to feel that he was a friend that actually cared about her well being, and she relished each message that she received from him, no matter whether it was coy or honest, and this was no exception.


I will be in town this evening around 7:00 and thought that we might spend some time together if you do not have anything else planned.  I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel in my soul as I write this, that you are aching for someone to be with tonight.  Forgive me if I seem foolish in these thoughts, for I cannot fully explain them.  Please call me…


Amaryllis glanced at her watch and noticed that it was approaching 6:30.  She took a large gulp of her drink, letting the whiskey burn her throat while the music released her restraint and she read the message again.  She reached for her cell phone and began to dial the numbers through clouded eyes, but stopped before she touched the last digit on the keypad.  Amaryllis froze as her heart began to pound and her mind began to race.  She took a deep breath, a quick swig of her drink and closed her eyes to allow the melodic sounds from the speakers fill her entirely to aid in gaining the last ounce of courage to press the last two buttons to speak to Brian.

Brian answered his phone on the second ring and spoke the word “hello” into the receiver.  Amaryllis finally released her breath, and through a trembling voice responded back to announce that she was the caller.

“So, how far away are you?”

“Actually, I am about a block away from your apartment.  I can actually see your living room light on.”

Amaryllis couldn’t help but chuckle and respond playfully as her body and mind began to relax by the sound of his sensual voice more than the whiskey and music combined, “I think you are actually seeing the dining room light, because I don’t have the living room light on right now.”

“Do you mind if I come up and visit for a little while?” Brian cautiously asked.

“I would love it if I could spend a bit of time with you, because I really need a friend tonight, and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather talk to than you at this moment.  Go ahead and let yourself in.  I’ll be making you a drink so you are not parched the moment you walk through the door.”

They quickly told each other goodbye and Amaryllis hung up her phone so she could move back into the kitchen and make Brian a drink that would ease the pain of sitting in his vehicle for so many hours.  She heard the doorknob turn and the entry door squeak slightly as he entered her apartment.

Amaryllis looked at him standing in the entrance to her kitchen, tall and muscular, thinking about how he seemed to be more handsome and sexy each time she saw him, but it was the look on his face that drew her attention for the longest time.  Brian’s features showed a genuine concern and affection for her, and at once her eyes began to well with tears.  She had come to care for this man deeply and the memories of their last engagement flooded her mind as well as her heart, breaking down the barrier that she had hoped to keep standing.

Brian could see that she was about to completely crumble into tears, so he took the one large step towards her to retrieve the glass she made up for him away from her trembling hands.  He set the glass on to the counter beside him, then moved a second step closer to her and held her face in his hands.  He lifted her face until she was looking into his eyes and his heart broke with the realization of the anguish that she was feeling at this moment.  Brian did not know what occurrences brought her to this final situation, but he knew that the feeling in the pit of his stomach about her hours ago was proved to be correct at that moment.

Brian held back his own tears, put on a slight smile that showed confidence and said softly, “Oh, honey.  I don’t know what happened, or why you are feeling this way right now, but I am here and want to help you through it, no matter how insignificant I may seem to you right now.”

Amaryllis could not respond for fear that the forbidden words agreed upon between them would come falling from her mouth and there would be absolutely no way to take them back.  Instead she began to lower her gaze to the floor until he leaned down and tenderly kissed her lips.  Her tears seemed to stop immediately when his full lips met hers, and she returned the gesture of his kiss by moving closer to him, placing her arms around his waist and opening her mouth slowly to allow a more passionate kiss to ensue.  Brian noticed the slight movements she made and he remembered the promise they made to each other the last time they were together, which encouraged his eagerness to feel her completely as each moment passed.

He moved his tongue past her moist open lips to feel the inside of her warm mouth and tried to remember the last time he claimed her mouth in this way.  The sensation of her tongue and his meeting and gliding around each other at this moment was more passionate than his mind seemed to recall previously, and he could not seem to understand why, for this moment was much more tender than the first time they broke the boundaries of acceptable behavior.  He quickly tried to dispel secret and forbidden thoughts out of his mind, trying to focus on the fact that he was becoming quite aroused by the kiss that they were sharing.

Brian decided that he needed to move away from her before his excitement got the better of his judgment, which would lead to him bending her over the counter and taking her right there in the kitchen.  He actually did want to be the friend that she needed right now, and after she was able to vent the frustrations and hurt he could give her the tender and passionate physical affection that she needed and deserved.  He broke the embrace before she could hold him any tighter and notice the excitement that was becoming apparent by the bulge growing larger and straining against the zipper of his jeans.

“Let’s take our drinks into the living room, call for delivery and talk for a little bit.  It seems like you really need to get some things off your chest.” Brian commented as he took a step backwards and reached for their glasses from the counter.

Amaryllis was taken aback by the abrupt change in his demeanor, but simply said, “Sure.  You lead the way and I’ll bring the phone book.”

She reached into the drawer that held the large book, retrieved it from its resting place and turned to follow him.  As he moved into the comfort of her living room, she noticed the way that his pants clung to his round, taut butt and how it showed the toned shape of his thighs when he walked, which made her heart begin to pound slightly faster as she thought about how these parts of him looked as they flexed during a sensuous and passionate showing of affection to another woman.

Brian placed the glasses to the table in front of the couch and he asked Amaryllis if she would be willing to turn down the music now that they had adjourned to the room that the speakers were in.  She complied, and as she moved to turn down the volume, Brian found the lighter she used for her large collection of candles and began to ignite each one that she had in the room.  The candles seemed to give off a more mellow feel to the room and atmosphere than the glare of the harsh lights of the lamps located in the area, and Amaryllis was thankful that he noticed that this was a moment in time that did not need more sharpness than necessary.

Amaryllis turned from the stereo to watch Brian light each of the candles in a deliberate manner and she found herself remembering the last meeting between them as well as the kiss that they just had finished sharing.  The conversation seemed to flow very easily between them, even with the hunger brewing just under the surface, and she remembered how they both promised each other after that final passionate kiss of that night, that the game would not be played out between them at their next reunion.  She hoped with all of her soul that the longing she felt for him would be apparent to him at this moment.  She knew that she needed a friend, but the greed she felt for him was overwhelming every other thought in her mind at that moment.

Brian placed the lighter back where he originally found it and sat down on the overstuffed sofa, looking at Amaryllis and her hazel eyes that seemed to penetrate his soul, amazed that her gaze could awaken him in such a small amount of time.  She sat down on the couch a few safe inches away from him, placed the phone book on her lap and took a deep breath inwards before she looked at him again.

“What kind of food are you in the mood for?” Brian asked.

“Honestly, I am having a hard time concentrating on eating any food at the moment.  I had a rough day, but what’s new with that constant complaint, and I’m still trying to steady myself from that kiss.  You look good, by the way, and I am amazed at how you seem to take my breath away each time we see each other.”

“You look horrible, no offense, but I’m sure the stress is getting to you and making you look 10 years older.” Brian said jokingly with a slight wink and nod of his head.  “Seriously, though, you actually look wonderful and I was getting a little too aroused when we were kissing, so I backed away so you could bitch to me about the crap that’s going on and not worry about the fact that I have ulterior motives for coming over tonight.”

“Well, I sure wouldn’t mind doing some talking, but after knowing that you actually had other reasons for you sending me that message, there are more ways than just talking that can get me to unwind and de-stress,” Amaryllis said with a mischievous smirk on her face.  “Plus, if I remember the last time we were together correctly, I think it’s your turn to make the first move and that we vowed that we wouldn’t play any ‘cat and mouse’ games this time.”

Brian looked at her, returned her sly smile, moved closer to her until his lips were only a few inches from her ear, and softly said, “I am glad that your memory is so sharp, but this time we’ll spend time talking as we come back from ecstasy.”

He then moved his head to look into her eyes, which had become more vibrant in that moment than he had previously seen from her, and then leaned down to kiss her.  His mouth struck hers with a tender, yet unyielding force and he thrust his tongue past her lips, deep into her mouth as he searched for any detail that he might have missed the last time.  Amaryllis responded by letting the phone book fall from her lap, which landed on the floor in a deep thud, and moved to return the deep kiss.  She could feel her body becoming aroused as blood flowed to every part of her body while the passionate kiss continued and she noticed that small noises began to emanate from Brian while his own body became completely engulfed in the excitement of the moment.  Their tongues rolled and slithered together and Brian moved one of his hands to the hem of her shirt, letting his fingers move underneath and feel the soft skin of her belly above the top of her jeans.

Her body felt so silky and warm against his hand as he shifted further up her body until he found the roundness of her breasts that were not in their usual confinement.  He gently grabbed a hardened nipple and rolled it lightly between his fingers, which made her let out a small growl that seemed to be from the absolute depths of her soul and she arched her back enough to show appreciation of the sensations he was affording her.  Brian moved away from her mouth, looking at her intently and then moved both of his hands to the hem of her shirt.  He smiled slightly as she slowly opened her eyes which brought her back to reality, and he began to remove the shirt, letting his hands caress the entire length of her, from the top of her pants to the tips of her fingers and he lightly giggled when her body involuntarily spasmed when he touched a sensitive spot on the cave of her armpit.

Amaryllis stood up from the couch and faced Brian, letting her large tits bounce temptingly in the process, only inches away from his face.  Her hands moved to the button and zipper of her jeans which she undid in a deliberate manner, focusing her attention on Brian’s reaction when he noticed that she was not wearing anything underneath, and slid her pants down past her hips letting them fall to the floor at her feet.  She stepped out of the jeans, bushed them to the side of her and moved towards him on the couch, straddling one of his legs as she lowered her naked body on to him.  She placed her hands on the back of his neck and pulled him close to her, guiding him to suckle on her raised nipples, and she bent her head down to the side of his head.

She breathed heavily into his ear and whispered, “I want you to make me come so hard that I forget everything except for the euphoria and satisfaction.”

Brian leaned into her and sucked a nipple into his hot mouth as he placed one hand on her lower back and his other hand found the nipple that was left outside of the warm retreat of his mouth.  He slid his tongue over the entire area of the erect and hardened nipple that he could, nibbled on it between his upper lip and lower teeth, and sucked as much into his mouth that he could, creating a changing sensation for her every few moments, which made her begin to breathe heavier in his ear.

Amaryllis was becoming wet with each adjustment Brian made of his mouth while her breathing became more labored and her eyes began to close, losing herself in the sensations.  She lowered her head and began to kiss his neck, just under his ear, and as she became more excited by the feel of his mouth on her breast, she began to lick and lightly nip the tender areas of his neck and ear.  She started to move her hips in a slight grinding fashion against Brian’s leg when he moved his affections to the other breast and changed the positions of his hands.

Brian applied pressure to her hip, beckoning her to move closer to him.  She moaned softly as she complied, keeping her moist caresses on his neck, and moved one hand to graze his back while she moved the other to attend to his growing and throbbing erection.  She massaged his cock through his pants as she moved her hips in small circles on his leg and nuzzled his neck, making sure to allow the sounds of her eroticism to be heard as well as the heat of her breath to be felt on his delicate ears and skin.

Amaryllis became an animal of lust and she moved both hands to remove the belt and the articles of clothing that held his large dick from being inside her.  She slid her hips backwards until she was sitting on his knee and in a fevered rush, undid the belt and the button of his pants, then she slid the zipper down with such a force that she quickly looked at him to make sure that she did not hurt him with her display of dominance.  He smiled to reassure Amaryllis that no harm was done, as he raised his hips and he held on to her to keep her in place while she pushed the jeans and underwear past the roundness of his ass until the apparel was touching her body at his knees.  She raised herself a few inches from his leg to allow the ensemble to be completely removed by her as he swiftly removed his shirt at the same time.

Brian lifted one of her legs and placed it on the other side of his opposite leg so she was completely straddling his thighs and then moved her hips over until her wet pussy was centered between his legs.  He lifted one hand to the back of her neck and pulled her face down to meet his and her lips were heaven as they had become engorged with the building passion and tension.  She fervently speared his mouth as her hands grabbed the back of his shoulders, drawing him ever closer to her, as he grabbed her ass and tits with as much enthusiasm as she was showing.

She inched closer to him with her hips until she could feel the hardness of his cock resting between their stomachs.  She moved her body in a fashion that was sure to tease the length of his firmness until he moved both of his hands to her hips and he raised them in such a severe manner that it made Amaryllis gasp in amazement.  Brian pulled his fingers towards the palms of his hands spreading her ass cheeks, which opened her snatch more fully to accept the length and thickness of him, and pushed downwards on her hips until he felt the saturated opening of her pussy lips.  The tip of his penis softly pushed back her lips as he gently and slowly began to lower her body on to his erection.

The heat emanating from the caverns of her tight hole was a feeling he could sense on the head of his prick and he closed his eyes in an attempt to savor this moment for eternity.  Amaryllis could not hold on to her control any longer and as he removed his grip from her, she plunged down and took him entirely into her with such momentum that they both inhaled sharply and grabbed each other in an attempt to regain some control of their bodies.

She lifted herself from him until he was completely removed from her snatch and she placed both of her hands on his upper chest next letting her fingers curl over his shoulders for support.  He held her hips and as they opened their eyes to look at each other, she pushed her body down the entire length of him again while he moved his hands to aid in her quest to find the absolute height of her pleasure.

Brian and Amaryllis began a steady rhythm of their movements and she milked the length of him with every strong pound and pull of her body.  Their gazes to each other became more distant as the tempo of their lustful dance became faster with each stroke that was completed.  Brian moved one of his hands and placed his thumb on her engorged and sensitive clit and began to move it in circular motions as best he could, given the fact that his brain would not allow him to concentrate very well on anything other than the moist massaging of his cock as it entered her deeply and then left the warmth until it was almost completely removed from her.

Amaryllis began to moan as his thumb moved in a sensuous way around her clit while she pounded his body and she started to knead at his shoulders and chest, reveling in the fact that his chest was firm and wide, creating a feeling of absolute admiration and trust.  She felt the deep hitting of him on to her cervix, creating a mixture of pleasure and pain that she had not felt in a very long time and it gave her a sense of being lost in the clouds of another world and dimension.  Her nails dug into his skin as she raked and kneaded his muscular body and as she began to feel the trembling of her legs and the contractions of her orgasm, she threw her head backwards and cried out in a sound that could not be considered a scream but was a cry of absolute delirium and intoxication.

Brian kept moving her hips as her ecstatic orgasm ravaged her body in shaking convulsions, which he felt in the depths of her, and as she lowered her head to taste his mouth at the crest of the climax, he could not hold back his own release of an intense orgasm.  He moaned loudly and roughly lifted her up and down his cock until the spasms of his warm and sticky semen filled her entirely.

He let go of her body and they sat together for a moment, letting the air around them evaporate the sweat that had formed on their bodies, and they both felt the juices of their culmination of passion begin to slide down the places that their bodies met.  They smiled at each other as they relished the warm liquids sliding down their bodies, knowing that it was this craving of sensuality between them that originally kept their conversations continuing so long ago.

“You know, I really think I am craving a pizza right now, as well as another big, stiff drink,” Amaryllis said to Brian as she tenderly kissed him again, not moving from her position that claimed him as her own at that moment.

“Let’s call for that food, talk a little bit to help you relax even more, and then maybe something big and stiff can send you into a peaceful night’s slumber.  I just will not promise that it will exactly be a drink…” Brian said with a wink.

©Ami May 2012

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