Where The Truth Lies

June 5, 2012

Where The Truth Lies

Keep me grounded in reality,
Don’t pull me along a rainbow
Chasing a pot of gold non-existent;
I wonder if this life could be so hollow.
The times our bodies met with true passion,
Powerfully honest and profound;
Only to me it may actually be
And it may have simply been my heart’s sound.
Tell me how insane I must have been
To feel and see your cloak drop
If only for a small moment.
While my heart did not stop,
I opened further to full accept what you offered.
Tell me it was all just dreams.
Tell me I don’t know you that well.
Tell me it is not as it seems.
Keep me at bay for as long as you like,
Though tell me once more
How to tell which of your words are actually lies,
So I can stop my soul from being so sore.
Tell me I did not see the truth,
The truth you try so hard to hide;
How comfortable you can be when you give in
To your honest and heartfelt emotional side.
Fears of what could be the actual truth of it all,
Seem to melt in those moments I see
Making you question what you swore to hold in concrete,
So tell me again just how crazy I must be.

©Ami May 2012

For Tonight

June 5, 2012

For Tonight

For tonight,

I don’t want you to think,

I want you to feel…

I want you to feel me…

I want you to let me feel you…

And if you are able to,

I promise this will be

A night you will never forget

And one you won’t ever regret.

©Ami May 2012

It Was Today

May 30, 2012

“It Was Today”

Today is the day I realized,
I could not change my feelings;
While they may seem idealized
They rest so much deeper than that.
Tender and caring, you see,
While humility and appreciation
Shown to more than simply a degree,
Yet my smile you were not able to notice.
You have softened a bit,
If I am not far mistaken,
So now I should admit
That trying to build this tough wall,
Wore me down more than I intended.
Layers were being built upon layers,
Closing the gaps that needed to be mended,
Then just as I got the hang of it,
You show your true rhyme
And the truth I hide behind the wall now tumbling
Is that my soul is truly sublime.


©Ami May, 2012

The Game We Played

February 14, 2012

The Game We Played

You know what you had
Yet never took action
You took it for granted
Throw me away
Toss me aside
It always makes
You feel better
To see when I hate
Your self-righteous noises
Curdle inside me
Your smooth words
Can settle a storm
Though I hate the game
You so often thrust me in to
Never wishing to sacrifice
Feeling you are entitled
Forcing me to do
The very things you loathe
Watching me suffer
Then salt you do pour
Into mockery and disdain
Expecting yet even more
My soul escaped me
Shriveled and used
I left you alone
Searching for so much more
Now that you lost me
You cannot seem to bear
What your life will become
Through the grudges I held
Love has never died
Though for now
It is you that must see
What you resented
Turning into what you
Always truly wanted
And honestly respected.

©Ami May 2012

These Thoughts Will Not Stop

February 14, 2012

These Thoughts Will Not Stop

 I fear it is all a fairy tale
That will come crashing down
Don’t get too close
I’m poisonous
Dangerous to those who care
Serenity dissolved
Playing both sides of the fence
Darkness abounds
Pulling me apart
Nothing seems real
Dreams drifting to oblivion
The weight of the burdens
Dragging me further
Screams fall past my lips
To be lost forever more
Hauntingly peaceful
And only I know
Where I am

©Ami May 2012

When I Needed You

February 14, 2012

When I Needed You

Here I sit in tears
Begging for a friend
An empathetic ear
But you are too busy
Trying to get laid instead.
Even though you said
You wouldn’t be pursuing
Now you add yet another notch
To your pathetic belt,
Superficial more important
Than what you said was heartfelt.
You swore you would be here,
Yet when I needed you,
The only thing I wanted,
You show yourself as too self-absorbed
And now taking advantage,
Already beginning to lose what you had
Though you refused to see it,
Scared of your own labels
And sacred limitations.
Solace I find where you dislike
In emotional bonds
Of those who have proven
Time and again
Regardless of abuse
They at least feign regard
If nothing else.

©Ami May 2012

This Journey

January 23, 2012

I look at you now

You’ve traveled so far

No hiding in fear

Come closer to me

Take my hand firmly

And gaze in my eyes

To see my bare soul

No fighting the truth

I come to you now

Follow this dream-scape

Forever to find

I am here for you

I’d give you my heart

I’d give you my soul

You are here for me

You give me your heart

You give me your soul

With you I find peace

Lovingly embraced

No longer fighting

The flow of what is

Finally letting go

Able to accept

All that we do have

And all that we want

Say you hear me

Say what you’ve hidden

In deep far too long

Take the next leap and

We’ll take this journey

And never hold back

The tidal waves of

Love, true and profound

I’m here for you now

I give you my heart

I give you my soul

I love you my dear.

©Ami May 2012

Follow Me

January 16, 2012

The hunger rises to the surface
Though I dare not feast
For the price is too steep
As I might devour the soul.

Locking on to your gaze
My body falls into rage
Where all I want is in a cage
And I become trapped forever more.

Follow the sounds I make
Into the depths I move,
Settling in to a deep groove
Of what’s worth risking.

You’ve never been here with me before.
Push your boundaries and test your limits
To find where your mind and soul orbits;
What you find may surprise you.

Uncharted roads are ahead
Are you willing to take the chance?
Tell me now your stance;
Unwavering or up for debate.

I seem to leave you feeling enslaved,
You cannot take me for who I am,
Or accept that I am not a sham.
You hide yourself well…just like me.

We are alike in so many ways,
Our hungers insatiable and deep.
To keep moving forward one must take a leap
Just how much do you want an adventure?

©Ami May 2012

The Rage Below

January 16, 2012

Fuck emotions and all the drama it brings
Fuck the truth hidden deep
Fuck trusting what’s not shown
Fuck love and insecurities
Fuck you just the same
Fuck “the game”
Fuck this push and pull
Just show me enough
To have me go on guard
Pull back and re-evaluate
Fuck this shit anymore
Fuck trying to be myself
Fuck what he thinks
Fuck what she says
Fuck what I feel
Fuck me for getting close
Fuck having low expectations
Laid back and giving
Letting that show and prove
I am not the same
Fuck being vulnerable
Fuck sharing my dreams
Fuck asking you to be a part of my life
Fuck the notion of partners
Fuck it all to Hell today
Fuck who I really am
Fuck me following my soul.

© Ami May 2012

Master’s Poem

November 16, 2011

Never wishing to be controlled completely
Gives way to carnal desires
As a beautifully dark romance begins
And a new reality’s song captures me

The loving devotion he shows
In a world he never knew before
Sends shivers up my spine
While longing to continue the exploration

He whispers in my ear while his hands tangle in my hair
My vigilante control loses its power
And I become more vulnerable
Slowly and surely submitting to him

The weight of the collar he chose
Originally felt as cumbersome and rough
Is silk as it slides sensuously against my skin
While he adorns me and claims me as his own

He tugs at my hair firmly but gently
Giving him a better view of his possession
And a smile forms upon his lips
As he gazes into my eyes with hunger

I have fallen into the spell that is my Master
Freely and willingly I seek to please him
For I know that what I give he will return in kind
As I am now his beloved and cherished pet…always.