The Universe has an Odd Sense of Humor

December 13, 2015

I feel shame for having to tell my children that Christmas gifts will be smaller in number and value of years past now that I had to break down and buy a new refrigerator today. The Universe has an odd sense of humor; I finally broke down and bought a new refrigerator to replace my 3rd used refrigerator (after the one that was included in the purchase of my home) decided to stop working in the last 5 years (roughly). It must be fate that the main gifts for my children this year were going to be “practical”; my daughter needed a new dresser instead of the one she had with 2 missing drawer fronts and my son needed a new bed box spring to replace the one that has been broken for about 4 years, and now a large chunk of money was placed on my credit card to buy one more practicality instead of any luxuries that we had all wished we could have had.

I’ve been criticized before when asking for “practical” gifts for holidays and birthdays over the years, though I have to say that of many of the things I learned over the years is that my mother gave me the gift of being truly appreciative and grateful of understanding the value in those practical things. I can only hope that when my children become adults that they, too, will be able to look back on this year of necessities over luxuries, and see it as a valuable gift instead of resentment for a great many more items that I could have spent the money on to give them more possessions that aren’t as much as a necessity as a place to rest their head, put their clothes, and keep food they eat from spoiling.

My mother definitely had/has her issues, though I will ever be indebted to her for giving me more gifts at Christmas that I needed than gifts that would not have been as necessary, including the gift of gratitude for what small amount of possessions I do have.  The gift of hindsight to see wisdom instead of entitlement is priceless as I face many choices my own parents had to make.

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