The Embrace

October 27, 2011

The Embrace

We see each other

Then we embrace

I fight back tears

As my body shakes

Your arms surround me

My feet lift off the ground

Sending me into the clouds

And I make a wonderful sound

Guided by the powers of nature

A bird soaring above the Earth

Wonderful feelings of peace

Love, forgiveness and rebirth

My heart blooms again

In a display of wondrous and vivid color

The petals of hope and passion

Open completely to make me taller

I stare into your eyes

As I come back to reality

Knowing the truth was always there

Within my own mentality

I was lost until I found your love

If you hold my hand while we roam

There will always be my devotion and love for you

As we search for that place we together will call home.

©Ami May 2011

One Way Or Another

October 27, 2011

One Way Or Another

I noticed small hints as you spoke

Though I never asked for clarification,

Afraid that if I looked any deeper

The temptation would be too great to resist,

For what I heard in your absence

Was my own heart and soul

Whispering the same sentiments

As your carefully chosen words.

All encompassing fear…

The only thing that kept me from

Asking you to come further in to my life,

Finally able to put it to rest,

For I know I can no longer

Deny or hide from these feelings

As they have been lingering

And growing stronger each day within me

You captivate and intrigue me

Leaving me essentially speechless

As I look into your eyes,

Longing to find your soul,

Aching to search further and deeper to quell

The wonder of whether a kindred spirit in you exists

That compliments mine to last a lifetime

Through the closest bond of friendship.

Love flows powerfully through my heart,

And my soul when you are near,

As my often troubled spirit

Finds peace in your embrace,

And comfort in your smile,

As I want to share all that I am

And hopefully find Utopia

For even a small moment in time.

My love flows steady for you,

Leaving it’s mark forever more,

As you etch yourself further on my heart

And in my soul

With each passing moment

Of laughter, tears and dreams,

Whether shared close together,

Or miles apart.

I would like to be

A soft place you fall when life gets too rough,

A rock to lean on when you falter

Or just need a challenge,

A mountain of laughter to keep you young,

But most of all…

I would like to be someone

You want to have in your life forever

One way or another.

©Ami May 2011